Everything To Know About Miniature Maltese Dogs

miniature malteseThe Maltese breed of dogs is a breed of gentle, playful and smart dogs. The miniature Maltese is that, plus more, and fun-sized! These bite-size poochies are almost identical to their larger predecessors, however, their personalities are sometimes even larger! Even a skilled trainer or experienced owner of full-sized Maltese dogs can stand to learn something new about the miniature Maltese. No matter their similarities, the mini Maltese is still a completely different animal than the average Maltese. The following tips, advice, and guidelines include everything you need to know about the miniature Maltese.


Traits of the Breed

Miniature Maltese dogs hold a few common characteristics, all the way from birth to adulthood. For instance, high levels of adaptability to new surroundings, trainability, and ease of grooming are all common traits in this breed of dogs. The miniature Maltese adapts very well and quickly to both apartment living, as well as to living in a home with a lot of open space to run and play. This and the dog’s quick-witted knack for learning new tricks and behaviors makes it a perfect breed for new and younger dog owners, not to mention its adorable and manageable, tiny size! Typically, mini Maltese dogs are also extremely friendly and outgoing dogs. However, they can come across as a bit sensitive, especially as young puppies. The breed is known to exhibit some separation anxiety and negative emotions towards being alone. These problems, with the Maltese trainability, can be easily worked through. This breed tends to shed fairly little and drool even less, making grooming a mini Maltese an absolute breeze. Their health is generally average, provided the specific dog is well-taken care of, and the breed isn’t known for significant weight gain or loss. A word of caution, however: this breed is very playful and energetic. While in their younger years, mini Maltese puppies need to exhaust a ton of energy through regular exercise and daily activities. This is nothing to worry about because most dog owners are more than pleased to take their dog out for a run or day at the park. Looking after and taking care of a mini Maltese is fun and easy for everyone in this happy, little dog’s family!


Interesting Facts

Did you know that the Maltese were bred for hunting small rodents? The history of the mini Maltese is somewhat hazy, although some believe the little dog can all the way from Asia! Moreover, many of the mentions of the Maltese in historical texts were actually misconceptions for Pomeranians. Scholars and experts have decided the most likely story stems from the breed of dog’s namesake, itself. The King of Malta, in 1804, wrote about a new breed of dog which sported the familiar long and silky hair of the Maltese. The breed was in high demand by the Romans, who eventually snatched up the breed as their own, according to some historians. They weren’t just pets of the ancient Romans, however. Maltese dogs have been mentioned in the histories of ancient Greece and Egypt, as well. Needless to say, the breed has been around for a long time! Indeed, they became lapdogs for ancient royalty. They were even commonly referred to as “comforter dogs,” “Roman ladies’ dogs,” and “Spaniel gentles.” Queens of long-forgotten dynasties once feed their Maltese pups out of dishes made of solid gold. After dying, the dogs’ remains would rest in tombs made specifically for them by their owners, along with ceramics, plates and other trinkets designed and decorated with the Maltese breed’s regal likeness, nonetheless. In fact, the famous governor of ancient Rome, Publius shared his home with a tiny Maltese named Issa, which helped further solidify the Maltese breed’s significance in history. The dog was immortalized in both a painting and a poem written by the poet, Martial.


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